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About Us

Sunbury Towing has been actively helping and servicing customers for 20 years. We have solidified an outstanding reputation amongst Automotive Businesses and the general public through out Sunbury and Victoria. 

We pride ourselves of 20 years of customer satisfaction to our customers.

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Locations We Service

You are in luck, we service many locations from Sunbury, Diggers Rest, Bulla, Riddells Creek, Gisborne , New Gisborne, Macedon, Mt Macedon, Clarkfield, Wildwood, Monageetta, Romsey, Lancefield, Woodend, Kyneton and Country areas of Victoria.

We all service our customers in Melbourne's inner Suburbs and Melbourne CBD. Click the link below to find out more areas

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We have 20 years experience in Loading and unloading for many types of applications. The most common of applications include Modern/sports Vehicles, Collectable Classics, Hot Rods, Caravans, Motor Bikes, Tractors, Machinery, Containers and many more. 

Carrying capacities up to 7 Tonnes.

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A message from the Operator

I take pride in providing my customers with a guarantee that their vehicle will be taken care of in a professional manner. 

As a car enthusiast, It is important to me that my customer feels comfortable knowing that their precious cargo is with an experienced professional. 

With a proven 20 year long standing track record in providing the BEST and AFFORDABLE towing service in Victoria I would be happy to assist you with any of your inquiries 


We put our customers first we understand the frustration of Breaking Down on the side of the road and then facing the task to shop around for a reliable towing service you can trust. There's no secret that there has been an influx of inexperienced towing contractors and companies that have recently arrived on the scene. 
These contractors are being paid a minimum wage by their employers and as a result there has been a marginal degradation in the quality of towing service which is normally provided. 

Do you really think a towing contractor who is being under paid is going to give you the same quality service and the care that you are looking for? 

After all, most of the time contractors are not held even being held accountable for the damages. 

With that being said the expensive costs still stay the same with these towing companies -- Not only do you receive a poor quality of service but you will be landed with the expensive towing costs. 

Finding a tow truck service in Melbourne can be a REAL nightmare for many who are not sure what they are looking for. 

Don't become another victim of paying thousands of dollars for other peoples careless mistakes and expensive towing costs 

Go ahead and save your time, money and the hassle. 

Call us now and we will take care of you 

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